Fougère Botanical Candle

by Barratt Riley & Co

$ 82.00

A handcrafted botanical candle made of carefully curated ingredients from some of the most premium sources around the globe, including all-natural coconut wax made from sustainably harvested, food-grade coconut oil, raw beeswax from local farmers in the Malibu region, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, premium fragrances, and natural cotton wicks.


Top note: ravensara, lemon.

Middle note: geranium, lavender, patchouli.

Base note: clove, cedarwood.

Extraction: steam distilled essential oils.

Plants: leaves and flowering tops.

Origins: Madagascar, Egypt, Bulgaria, North America. Natural coconut wax blend. Cotton wick. Hand poured in Los Angeles.

I. Spring II. Aromatic III. Green

Burn time: Up to 60 hours

net wt. 7 oz (198g)

*Surprise! The red string on box becomes a bracelet, it's the little things..

  • The red string that emerges from each candle box will unseal the packaging when pulled. Afterward, it may be worn around the wrist—a ritual that in many cultures is believed to offer protection from negativity and misfortune. In Kabbalah, for example, a scarlet wool thread is tied to the left wrist by a loved one and knotted seven times. Also in many Latin American countries, a red string bracelet is tied to a loved one’s wrist or ankle as a symbol of honor and protection from harm, to ward off the “Mal de Ojo,” or evil eye. This tradition has been followed by Mr. Riley and his family in Guatemala for generations and is passed along to each recipient of a Barratt Riley product.

This product contains pure essential oils. Consult a physician before using essential oils if pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision.




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