"You Have To Wear Something" podcast hosted by owner Nicole Briggs

"Ugly" style trends that we shamefully love

Call it "Dad Style" or "Normcore" but pretty much every designer put unattractive, functional pieces down the runway for 2018. This trend never really ended with "Hipsters" and their ugly thrift store threads and porno mustaches but this movement has been elevated to a luxury level. 
Here's what we like so far...
You know you had them on in high school and now they are back seemingly to stay. A touch cooler without the sock maybe.
Sock Sneakers
They won't last I bet but man do they feel good. Remember when you wished you could just wear your socks outside? Welp, your wish has been granted. 
Dad Style with puffy sneakers and a hefty dose of Hawaiian Shirt
There was a time when if you wore a Hawaiian shirt with high rise jeans you were a hipster. That was until the style went down the runways this past season. White socks showing, a khaki jacket, maybe a Tommy Bahama inspired shirt with loafers yup you are a sexy Dad now. Can't do the whole look? No worries, there's enough puffy sneakers out right now to complete whatever your current uniform is.
Crocs? Really? Yes.
Once Balenciaga threw some jewels on the gardener's  and nurse's best friend it became lux. You know you have a pair, you just never showed them to anyone. Now you can prance around proud and stylish. Ok stylish is a stretch but milk this ugly trend before it's over...
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