Sandals we swear by and buy!

If you are a collector or investment shopper there are a few brands of sandals we always swear by...
K. Jacques
K. Jacques:  Created in 1933 by Mr. and Mrs. Keklikian Jacques, K. Jacques is authentic St. Tropez fashion. Still a family business today, the brand has three stores in St. Tropez and a boutique in the Marais quarter of Paris. The brand was a hit early on with celebrities, and it continues that tradition today.
Ancient Greek Sandals
Ancient Greek Sandals:
Inspired by the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, shoe designer Christina Martini paired up with Nikolas Minoglou to co-found Ancient Greek Sandals  a timeless collection rooted in Greek history and culture. With fashion credentials including shoe design for Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton behind it, the label employs skilled local craftsmen who use centuries-old traditional techniques for each sandal.
Beatrice Valenzuela
Beatrice Valenzuela:  Inspired by the light and colors of both her native Mexico and her adopted hometown of Los Angeles, stylist, artist and designer Beatrice Valenzuela creates work that exudes a vibrant, dynamic warmth. Forms are organic, flowing, feminine; shades are vivid and deep and drawn from the natural world.
And if you need and after 5 sandal go Rochas!
Rochas:  Rochas is a fashion, beauty, and perfume house founded in 1925 by French designer Marcel Rochas the first designer of 2/3-length coats and skirts with pockets.