"You Have To Wear Something" podcast hosted by owner Nicole Briggs

Our faves for Fall so far...

It's hot as hell outside and we while we cool off we can't help but daydream about what we want for Fall. Here's our take on what to invest in. So far that is.
A Beret
This French classic has never looked so relevant. If you have one dust it off. If you don't, there's definitely one out there for you.
All Things Red
Considered good luck on one hand and sexy on the other, we have all the feels for this statement color. Head to toe red kept popping up on the runway and we are not mad about it. If you're normally the "all black" uniform type, a red shoe or bag may be just the thing this year.
Shearling(preferably on a denim jacket)
We're sure there will be more to obsess about soon.


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