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It's Summer, It's Hot and you Stink

Summer's here yay! Some of us (not L.A.'ers) wait up to 10 months for official hot weather. When we're not enjoying fun in the sun most of us are going to work for at least 8 hours and that means we need a strong ally under the arms appropriately known as the pits. You know that feeling you have when you forget deodorant before a long day at the the office and the subway is crowded as hell? Well fear not, us hippie chicks now have many solutions to our B.O. problem. Long gone are the days of moistening the crystal from Whole Foods and praying you smell tolerable at least an hour. So avoid that awkward convo about hygiene with your boss by using these alternative deodorants that actually work.
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Available in two unique scents, the Lavender Bergamot smells sweet and floral with a squeeze of zesty citrus. The Lemon Eucalyptus smells fresh and clean with a spicy hint of clove. Not only does it work, but the packaging is biodegradable- it will compost in a year!
Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant

The Rose Deodorant, uses a carefully formulated combination of gentle and nourishing ingredients. Rose water lends an elegant, delicate fragrance while Alchemilla essence helps to gently regulate perspiration. This lasts all day too!

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste

This putty spreads easily over skin and stops stink in its tracks. No kidding. Apply before working out, stressful events, and really any activity guaranteed to make you sweat, and prepare to be impressed. Of course this won’t stop you from sweating (that’s what armpits do!), but it will prevent odor. Simple as that! 

  • This Cream deodorant works and smells so fresh. It will get you out of the pits! 
  • Organic coconut oil and organic shea butter moisturize delicate underarm skin with baking soda, hops extract, organic essential oils of lime. Vetiver and lemongrass neutralize odor and keep you smelling good all day. Made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients.

    Stay fresh!... 

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