"You Have To Wear Something" podcast hosted by owner Nicole Briggs

Happy* New Year


I keep hearing of how bad 2016 with #f*@k2016 trending like crazy on social media. Whenever it seems like things are turning for the worse i.e. November 8th, it always good to see the lesson in the blessing and check back in with yourself and source. Here's a little mindful mantra we like to use:

I am worthy.

I always honor my voice.

Anything is possible. Believe.

Money is just energy.

Miracles happen each and every day.

Gratitude has power.

Relationships can be harmonious.

My body is beautiful.

I am not broken.

I believe beyond what I can see.

I trust the Universe always has my back.

I remember the phrase "this or something better".

My past is behind me.

Abundance is my birthright.

Everything happens in divine timing.

To 2017! Cheers! xoxo





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