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For the Woo Woo culture, Our Favorite Alternative Healing Techniques


With New Year's right around the corner you may be thinking of your resolutions as we speak and we are guessing that better health is at the top of the list. Feeling good on the inside physically and mentally is as important to us as looking good on the outside. So whether it's that last 10 pounds you want to lose or a debilitating disease you're struggling with there's many options for healing outside of big pharma. We truly believe that to be diseased is to not-be-at-ease. So hear our some of our fave healing techniques that improve mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Healing

Ah yes it's time to get your crystal game up. Even people who do not believe in crystal healing may throw one or two in the living room for decorative purposes only *wink wink. Crystals have long been valued for their healing properties and some scientists state that crystals harness power strong enough to cure many diseases, even cancer.

Crystal healing sessions involve several crystals being placed on the body in relation to the 7 chakras. As well as physical illness, crystal healing works to restore emotional and spiritual well-being.


Reiki always makes a come back right? Originating in Japan, Reiki uses ‘ki’ or ‘life force energy’ to heal. And involves the transfer of energy from the healer to the patient through various hand techniques.

This spiritual healing technique works with the body’s innate ability to heal itself and is known to bring about an enhanced feeling of well-being. And may help to restore optimal physical health. 


Still scared of the needles? This famous, yet effective healing technique involves the insertion of needles into certain acupoints on the body in order to reinstate a sense of balance to the flow of energy in the body. These acupoints are centres of energy along the body.

This is a common method for those looking to alleviate themselves from physical pain and enhance their overall health.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Watching a few Youtube videos on this method helps. Otherwise known as ‘psychological acupressure’ or ‘tapping’. This method is a relatively new development and one that is very simple to learn.

It works similarly to acupuncture, but rather than applying needles to acupoints along the body as you would with acupuncture, it involves using the fingertips to tap the relevant areas instead. Making it a painless, non-invasive alternative.

Guided Imagery

This one is big with Law of Attraction people and professional athletes. Guided Imagery or Visualization harnesses the power of the mind to help incur changes in the body. It is a form of meditation which encourages a focus on a positive mental image in order to guide your mind to a state of relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Guided imagery has been found to help with pain and other physical problems such as high blood pressure. And can facilitate focus and achievement in a variety of sporting and creative pursuits. It can even help reach weight loss goals, all by refocussing your mind on the positive.

Sound Bath

Our new fave new wellness kid on the block, the Sound Bath, is growing quickly especially here in L.A. The ancient healing practice which predates Christ, has been scientifically linked to reduced stress and anxiety. Tibetan singing bowls create transcendental tones, and a collection of metal and crystal vessels emit different frequencies used to encourage meditation and relaxation.  

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