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Essential Oils come back (with a lot of help from Saje)

If you have been to a mall lately you may have noticed a new chain that was not there in previous years, Saje. At first you are not sure what it is because you see and smell this mist but it is not a spa. Essential oils for health was always a hit for the "woo woo" community but the movement has received a facelift via some very well-designed diffusers.
Go into any Saje and you will see a selection modern-shaped vessel spewing delicious smelling mist into the air literally mesmerizing the entire room.
The Canadian company has been around for more than 25 years, news to us, but with everything being chakra balance and healing crystals lately their mystical mist seems right on time.
The health world is saturated with new trends, we are shown images of people purposely standing in below freezing air (cryotherapy), eating liquid chicken that was pureed in a blender for extra protein, or lying in enclosed salt-water tanks for relaxation purposes(our favorite). 
Essential Oils Aren't So New
When it comes to new trends and fads, especially those of the health variety, it's easy to disregard their value as the new favorite Gwyneth Paltrow Goop story. However, essential oils are different. Essential oils can be traced back more than 4,000 years, which would indicate anything but a trend. Oils and aromatherapy were born out of herbal medicine, a tradition of at least 5,000 years originating in ancient China. The ancient Greeks and Romans loved perfumery and essential oils and later discovered they could be used medicinally as well as aromatically.
From Egypt to Macedonia, Israel to Italy, Persia to France and eventually the rest of the world, essential oils have a long history and an overachieving caseload.
Here's the thing... essential oils are herbs that are distilled down into liquid form. It can take hundreds of pounds of one particular plant to create a 10mL bottle of essential oil. Very little goes a very long way, and one drop contains a wide assortment and quantity of chemical constituents, plus let's not forget they smell amazing. And why are these chemical constituents so healthy? Well, it comes down to biology and the plant's ability to protect itself from predators and nature. The very compounds that protect a plant from insects and animals, or attract bees, or protect the plant by their anti fungal and antimicrobial nature are the same compounds that keep us healthy and thriving. A plant's defensive mechanisms equate to a human's health supplement.
The chemical constituents in these oils have been found to have numerous health benefits from their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral properties to their ability to reduce pain, stop headaches, promote sleep, regulate hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, lower rates of depression, aid in wound care, and boost fertility. The most common way of using essential oils is through aromatherapy.  Placing several drops into an oil diffuser will disperse the aroma and oils into the air and fill any room with an intoxicating scent.
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