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Adapto-what? Meet adaptogens your new best friend.


There's always going to be a wellness trend that gets mystical gurus up in arms but usually what seems new is actually very old.  We’ve seen it happen with everything from coconut oil to smudging, but right now the hippie elite's number one crush is  the adaptogen.
So what's the super powers of adaptogens? They protect the body from the toxic effects of stress, which is arguably the most challenging health issue of our time. They might seem totally trendy, but the term was actually coined by the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Health way back in 1947, referring to a class of herbs and mushrooms that offer heavy-duty support for the body’s natural resistance to “adverse influences,” explains Ric Scalzo, the CEO and founder of Gaia Herbs.  This includes anything that taxes the body, from illness to working out to old-fashioned stress.
Adaptogens are herbs that can ‘tone’ the body and bring it back to homeostasis, creating a non-specific response that helps it resist stress. As usual adaptogens are not on the radar of traditional medical doctors but studies have confirmed the herbs have real promise in reducing stress and improving attention and endurance in the face of fatigue.
Not heading to the herbalist anytime soon? Well Moon Juice makes it easy to get your daily dose of adaptos in the form of dusts either in your latte or you can use the dusts how you see fit. 
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