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How to meditate with Mala beads

You got the mala beads, now what? When you meditate with beads it's known as Japa Meditation. It helps sooth the mind and clears away the numerous impinging problems and worries that cloud it from time to time. Prevalent from ancient times, Japa Meditation has been  practiced by all religions such as Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and others to enable them to experience peace, calmness, and tranquillity in their mind and life and I think these rituals are more important than ever.
An indispensable tool for all, which has been handed down from one generation to another, what does Japa Meditation mean?
Meditation involves focusing the mind on a certain objective or thing or thought by shutting out the disturbing external stimuli. Meditation, or the peace of mind, can be achieved by different ways. One of the ways involves mental chanting or repetition of mantras to ease one’s stress and tension. Here's a short and effective tutorial from our friends; Mala Collective.
Japa Meditation involves chanting of a mantra, which in most instances are composed of Sanskrit letters which are so arranged so as to evoke a certain response from within the individual. You can come up with your on mantra to chant as well. The vibrations of such mantras are extremely effective in creating a very significant change in attitudes and mind-set of individuals. It helps in focusing one’s energies so as to achieve a sense of calmness within oneself.
Mantras can also be any word which evokes a sense of calmness, inspiration, and even respect, such as repeating the name of their God, or anything else.
There are usually two ways in which individuals can practice Japa Meditation. One is audible Japa Meditation, also known as Vaikhari Japa, which includes repetition of mantras in whispers and even audible pitch, and the other is the silent or mental Japa Meditation which is also known as Manasika Japa. Manasika Japa is considered to be extremely powerful as it involves the complete focusing of the mind and once achieved, it tends to obstruct any outside influences from disturbing the mind.
Usually the best ways in which one can practice Japa Meditation is by sitting cross-legged on a sheet or cloth on the ground, and chant the mantra by beading the rosary of 108 beads with concentration, perseverance, and dedication.      
  A mental activity, Japa Meditation is a great way to ease stress and tension in our lives. When practiced correctly, Japa Meditation makes our lives peaceful, calm, and evokes happiness from within ourselves, both from the mind and the soul.
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