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About Osei Duro...

Osei Duro was started by Maryanne Mathias, an independent designer and marketing teacher from Vancouver, Canada; and L.A. based costume stylist Molly Keogh as a one-time experiment of design and production in a completely unknown place: Ghana, West Africa. Osei means noble or honourable, and Duro which comes from Oduro, means medicine, or magic. You could then call it as they put it “honorable or noble medicine”! Production is based in Los Angeles, CA and Accra, Ghana. They produce textiles and garments in Ghana, applying traditional techniques such as hand dyeing and weaving.
They support the local apparel industry on both a large and small scale in becoming sustainable.Their interest in Ghana particular is in relation to the incredible availability and range of commercial wax prints as well as the diversity of the hand woven textiles which they stress “should not be underestimated“. It was the exquisite use of hand dyeing and batik techniques that blew them away . They are open to working in other African countries, but told us that they need to focus on one country at a time so they can firmly establish themselves before moving on. We agree especially as they put it that Maryanne and Molly have a high regard and a love for quality details, unusual and uncommon textiles, and above all clothing that makes you feel good. 
Even Michelle Obama has worn Osei Duro in support of their style and philosophy.
They work towards a vibrant fashion industry, one that exceeds international production standards while respecting the rights and aesthetics of local makers.
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