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How to create a full moon ritual

It's a full moon today February 22, 2016 and in celebration, here are some ways to make it personal and meaningful.
Prepare your space
 Clean the room, burn sage, light candles like simple white pillars, or spritz a room-clearing spray. Do whatever you need to make your space feel special and sacred.
Ground yourself
Get into the ritual mindset by grounding your energy. There are a lot of different ways to do this, for example, using crystals, visualizing it through meditation. 
Chanting is powerful, it transforms the space both physically and energetically and it can alter the frequency of your spirit.
You can chant whatever you like. Om, chanted three times, is easy to remember. You can also chant the elements: earth, air, fire, water.
Try a guided meditation. It can help you release negative patterns and toxic relationships, or this chakra-clearing meditation. 
Pull cards
Add some kind of divination into ritual using tarot cards. You can ask any questions that are important to you. Pull two cards: one that signifies the thing we were letting go of, and one to indicate what we were bringing into our lives.
Focus your intention
Think about what you’d like to let go of, and then do it symbolically. On paper, write down the thing you’re releasing, and then burn the paper or bury it in dirt. 
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